discursus.io is a data-driven platform created to enhance the understanding and analysis of social movements in North America by parsing media coverage and, eventually, social media. Born out of a passion for computer science, data science, and political science, the project's creator was inspired by the potential to explore the connections between these fields, driven by events such as the 2013 protests in Brazil and the Trucker's Convoy in Ottawa in 2022.

The platform stands out due to its ability to scrape multiple sources and process the data to provide a rich, comprehensive picture of social movements. With data refreshing multiple times per day and an easy-to-use API for ingesting the data, discursus.io offers a valuable tool for academics, researchers, journalists and policy makers.

discursus.io aims to improve the coverage and analysis of social movements by providing insights into the continuity between events, the narratives behind the movements, and the dynamics of the actors involved. By fostering a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of these movements, the platform can enable its users to make more informed decisions and create more accurate analyses.

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An OSINT project to decode social movements in North America


Founder of discursus.io, an OSINT project focused on monitoring protest movements in North America